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Bird Banding
The success of banding studies relies greatly on the cooperation of people who find and recover banded birds. The data from banding surveys is vital in giving us knowledge about bird ecology.

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At Stauffer-Henley Inc. we are dedicated to the safe collection of data on birds in North America. We also believe that using the right tools is essential. Please visit our Catalogue Page to see the products we currently offer.

Bird Banding
Bird banding is a research method used to acquire accurate information about bird movement and life span. A leg band with an individual number or symbol is attached and the bird is released; if it is found later the bird can be identified by this number.

This research method started in Europe, and is now in wide use all over the world. Banding centers in various countries keep in touch and exchange information.

The North American Bird Banding Program is jointly administered by the United States Department of the Interior and the Canadian Wildlife Service. Their respective banding offices have similar functions and policies and use the same bands, reporting forms and data formats. Joint coordination of the program dates back to 1923.

Researchers and volunteer banders carefully catch and band birds and then release them. Special permits are needed to capture birds for this purpose.

Bird Banders
People who are qualified to band birds are called banders. It is necessary for them to be able to distinguish various species and have the skills to catch and release birds without injuring them. Authorized banders apply for a permit to catch birds. Most of the people taking part in banding activities are volunteers. Dick Stauffer, owner of Stauffer-Henley Inc., is an authorized bird bander.

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